The GEA Roadmap to an Inclusive Organisation

Data driven, bench marked progress to reap the benefits of Equality for majority as well as minority groups.


Equality Self-Assessment

Step 1 - Register and use the GEA tool to assess current state of Equality in the organisation. FREE


Equality Diagnostics

Step 2 - Use GEA diagnostic algorithms to have deep insight of workplace DEI experience. PAID


Measurable Data Driven Equality Progression

Step 3 - Set Equality workplace experience goals using key indicators with measurable KPI's. PAID


GEA Global Equality Certification

Final Step - Apply for certification, get feedback and action plans for GEA certification. PAID

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Equality Benchmarking

COVID 19 has exposed inequality at all levels. Everyone, irrespective of Race, Age, Religion, Gender, Sexual orientation and gender and Socio- economic background has been affected.

As governments, organisations and society respond to all sorts of discrimination that threaten the society and economy at a global scale, comprehensive monitoring of the state of Equality at all levels of organisations is now a must. GEA has developed a Global Equality framework that facilitates standard reporting of organisation's performance related to Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness for the majority as well as minority groups.

GEA advises Governments, Businesses, NGOs and Charities to develop policies and strategic plans to infuse Equality.

Global GEA Equality Standard

The framework of the Global GEA Equality Standard has been developed to benchmark Equity, Inclusion and Belongingness related activities. The organisations can measure their performance against 165 standards covering 40 competencies – Learn more

    Key Benefits

  • An automated system of self-certification: Apply now
  • Clear Reports and feedbacks: See sample report
  • Recommended action plans: See sample
  • Global recognition
  • Holistic over view of Inclusion across majority as well as minority groups

Total Inclusion

The word Equality is viewed by many as Gender Equality or Race Equality. Equality covers Race, Gender, Age, Religion, Disability and Sexual Orientation. GEA’s extensive research has shown that there is a proven benefit of inclusion at all levels and across the six major identified areas of inequality.

Let's do it together

Join us to create a society that would respect and accept differences. Learn about the biggest challenges and understand the value of Equality and how it should be paired with inclusion. Understand your role in creating the right environment to identify personal strategies.

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