Global Equality Alliance (GEA)

Vision  : “Making Equality a reality in the world”
Mission : “To drive, measure, implement and celebrate Equality through Equity, inclusion, belongingness and sustainability”

Our Mandate

Our mandate is based on the conclusions of extensive discussions with a large number of individuals and organisations across the globe over a period of one and half years.

A global survey conducted by GEA has shown that almost 94.5% of the respondents feel that it is important to have a GEA Equality Standard, though one third of them have mentioned that the organisations can do without it. These consultations have also confirmed that Equity, inclusion and belongingness together with sustainability are global issues and not restricted to an individual country. It is, therefore, important that the results of the analytics is shared across all stake holders around the globe.

The survey also highlighted the grievances of the majority group and based on the results GEA strongly feels that in order to bring about total inclusion the organisations have to focus not only on the equality and inclusion of minority groups but also on the grievances and the feelings of the majority group. A holistic approach of tackling challenges from both sides of the coin is the only way to achieve total inclusion and feeling of belongingness.


We infuse

We infuse Equality for “ improved organisational performance”.

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Together we will create opportunities

We help you create opportunities resulting in “inclusive work culture”

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We will celebrate
Inclusion and Belongingness

This results in “ happy, highly productive organisations and societies”

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Message from The Chairman

“ Welcome to the Global Equality Alliance website.
We are living in a fast-challenging world with interconnected problems and challenges. Governments, Business and Civic organisations are undertaking initiatives to define problems and search solutions for building more inclusive societies. The COVID 19 pandemic has demonstrated that the world is interconnected. Incidents in one country effect rest of the world instantaneously. Achieving inclusive and sustainable economy within the means of the planet is one that works for everyone, with no one being left behind. This is now not a distant dream but an imminent reality. Successful organisations, Governments and societies have promoted equality in diversity. They also advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not. These organisations are demonstrating commitment to inclusiveness as a part of the organisation’s strategy , decision making and as their core values. Societies and organisations which accept principles of inclusiveness are happier places to live and work. Integrating equality, inclusiveness and belongingness in all aspects result in happier and successful organisations and societies. Achieving equality for everyone is now a reality and not a distant dream “

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Advisory Board (In alphatical order of surnames)

Carey R. D’Avino

Human Rights

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Dr Titilola Banjoko

Chair, International Rescue Committee, UK

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Dorian Baroni

Founder at Dorian
Baroni LLC

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The Rt Hon. Sir Vince Cable

Former Secretary of State for Business, UK

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Amb. Rudo Chitiga

Former permanent Secretary Zimbabwe

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John Harker

Former President Cape Breton university, Canada

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Mei Sim Lai Obe Dl

Owner, LaiPeters
& Co

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Barbara Nussbaum

Author Sawubona Africa and Founder Finding Us in Music

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Dr Segara Sulochana

Founder Women in Management
Sri Lanka, Maldives, Canada

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Prof. Mugendi K. M'RITHAA

Senator / Past President (2015-2017) WDO – World Design Organization™

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Core Contributors